LEED Gold®️ - The Fowler - Boise, ID
Details: 200,000+ sq. ft., Mixed Use development
Scope: 200,000 Commissioning (MSJ)  in collaboration with Local Construct

A unique urban, mid-rise apartment community concept with direct access to everything Boise has to offer.  The facility has community roof garden, gym, business center, live work studios among other community based amenities.  A large commercial tenant space is also included which gives residential tenants access to commercial services without leaving the building. SEED was hired by Local Construct to perform construction based testing and commissioning services for commercial spaces.

Fowler NE1.jpg

Idaho State Trooper District 5 HQ- Pocatello, ID
Details:25,000 sq. ft+., ISP District HQ
Scope:  Commissioning (MSJ & STS) in collaboration with the State of Idaho DPW. 

A new state of the art headquarter and lab facility designed to provide a consolidated and updated headquarter facility for District 5 operations of the Idaho State Police.  Operation must of  meet critical services criteria for lab facilities and other law enforcement activities.  SEED was retained by the owner to provide  construction based commissioning services.  


LEED Gold®️ - Kingsley Field Air National Guard - B400 Renovation - Klamath Falls, OR
Details: 23,000+ sq.ft., Aircraft Repair Hangar and Offices
Scope:  Commissioning (MSJ), LEED Consulting (STS) in collaboration with CSHQA

This facility  is unique aircraft repair hangar equipped with 4 aircraft repair bays, office and other support space.  Currently in the construction phase, this building is designed to LEED standards.  Unique envelope  mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems were designed by the A/E team to maximize efficiency while still meeting the owner's project requirements for the project



Ada County - 911 Call and Emergency Communication Center - Meridian, ID
Details:25,000+ sq. ft., Data Center, Dispatch Room, Offices
Scope:  Commissioning (MSJ) in collaboration with Ada County Operations

A new state of the art facility designed to provide a consolidated 911 and Dispatch center for all of Ada County,, including medical, fire, and local law enforcement agencies.  Design of the facility must meet critical services criteria for data centers.  SEED was retained by the owner to provide both design and construction based commissioning services.   

LEED®️ Gold University of Idaho - New College of Education Building, Moscow ID - 2016
Details:52,000+ sq. ft., Student Classrooms and Staff Offices.  Pursuing LEED Gold Certification
Scope:  Commissioning (MSJ) in collaboration with State of Idaho DPW

A complete revitalization and renewal of the existing structure with the intent of providing a safe, clean, efficient, sustainable, aesthetic, technology capable, flexible environment designed to LEED standards. High efficiency mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment are included.  Mechanical systems leverage existing central plant steam and chilled water infrastructure.  

Marsh Junior High School - New Multi-Purpose Building - Chico, CA, 2016
Details: 13,000+ sq. ft., Student Multi-Purpose Building
Scope: Mechanical Engineering (MSJ), CHPS Consulting (STS), Comissioning (SRW)

This multipurpose building is a combined student union, performing arts facility, and kitchen facility.   Currently in the construction phase, this building is designed to CHPS standards.  High efficiency mechanical and plumbing equipment are included with a unique equipment controls package. 


New Public Safety Training Center - Meridian, ID - 2015
Details: 12,000+ sq. ft., Office & Training Center
Scope: Commissioning (MSJ) in collaboration with CSHQA

A building with mixed occupancy types and unique HVAC systems, SEED verified the functional performance of all systems to ensure they were working properly.  A number of issues were found and resolved during this process.  This included addressing control concerns of airside HVAC system, initial setup of lighting systems among others.  Issues discovered and resolved during this process yielded an estimated savings of over 22,000 kWh annually allowing for a quick 4.5 year payback on the commissioning service. 

US Department of Veteran’s Affairs - New Community Living Center - Boise, ID - 2015
Details: 2 Buildings, 24,000+ sq. ft., Health Care Facility
Scope: Energy Modeling, Commissioning (MSJ) in collaboration with CSHQA

During design, SEED was tasked with providing EPACT required energy based reporting and commissioning.  Responsibilities included developing ASHRAE 90.1 baseline models for comparison to the as-designed facility.  HVAC systems with a connection to an existing campus geothermal loop and dedicated chillers were fully tested.  Installation deficiencies, specifically on the chilled water system, were uncovered during the functional testing process.  Resolution yielded avoidance of thermal comfort issues and significant chiller operation run-time reduction resulting in significant energy savings.  

LEED®️ Platinum - Bently - New Corporate Office Building - Minden, NV - 2015
Details: 10,000+ sq. ft., Office Building
Scope: Mechanical Engineering (SRW),  Commissioning  (MSJ) in collaboration with J.P Copoulos, Architect

A truly unique mechanical design includes both indirect evaporative cooling of outdoor ventilation air which also allows for an evaporatively cooled economizer cycle.  Supplemental heating and cooling is provided by radiant chilled beams.  The chilled beams are supplied Hot/Cold water by geo-exchange heat pumps connected to a wellfield located under the town’s main street.  To ensure this complex design was operating properly, SEED also provided fundamental and enhanced commissioning services.  Multiple issues were identified and resolved including a faulty compressor in one of the heat pumps and thermal leakage between the hot/cold building hydronic loops caused by faulty and mis-wired valves.  The thermal leakage issue was rendering the radiant system useless though energy was consumed to operate it.  Once resolved, a significant energy reduction and increased thermal comfort was realized.  To remain compliant with the LEED® credit, the Commissioning Authority remained unaffiliated with the engineer’s design. The project has received a 2015 Merit Award from AIA Nevada.    

University of California Santa Barbara - ZNE Recreation Center - Santa Barbara, CA - 2014
Details: 3 Buildings + Parking Garage, 100,000+ sq. ft.
Scope: Zero Net Energy Feasibility, Preliminary Solar Design (STS), Energy Modeling (MSJ) in collaboration with Southern California Edison

LEED®️ Platinum®️ - CSHQA Architecture & Engineering - New Office Building Boise, ID - 2013
Details: 18,000+ sq. ft., Office Building
Scope: Sustainability Consulting, Commissioning (MSJ) in collaboration with CSHQA

A building with many complex systems, SEED verified the functional performance of all systems and helped optimize the integration of systems through M&V and system tuning.  This included identifying optimal operation of the radiant cooling and heating system with the airside systems. Systems optimization as well as issues discovered and resolved during the commissioning process yielded a utility cost savings of over $6,000 annually, paying back the cost of services in 3 years.  This project has received a 2014 Sustainability Award from AIA Idaho.  

CSHQA Office.jpg

LEED®️ Certified Glanbia Foods - New Corporate Office Building - Twin Falls, ID - 2013
Details: 40,000+ sq. ft., Office Building
Scope: Energy Modeling, Commissioning  (MSJ) in collaboration with CSHQA

This project allowed SEED to utilize extensive energy modeling techniques to help justify additional expenditure on high efficiency HVAC, Plumbing and Lighting systems.  SEED also provided fundamental and enhanced commissioning services on a unique Variable Refrigerant Flow/Dedicated Outdoor air HVAC system.  Issues discovered and resolved during commissioning yielded over 60,000 kWh/yr in savings.

LEED®️ Silver - University of Nevada Reno - New Athletic Academic Center - Reno, NV - 2012
Details: 7,000 sq. ft. Offices, Computer Lab, and Community Space
Scope: LEED Consultant, Commissioning Authority (CxA), and Energy Modeling

UNR Photo.jpg

City of Roseville - Mike Shellito Indoor Pool - Roseville, CA - 2009
Details: 30,000 sq.ft. Pool, Locker Rooms, Lobby, and Classrooms
Scope: "Green" Design, Mechanical Engineering & Solar Thermal Design, and Energy Modeling
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Squaw Valley Fire District - Squaw Valley, CA - 2005
Details: 30,000 sq. ft. Office Space, Dormitory, Kitchen, Gym, Lobby, and Garage
Scope: Retro-Commissioning (SRW) & Commissioning Authority (STS)