Fidelity Building  Mechanical Upgrades and Diablo & Sons TI  - Boise, ID
Details: 23,000+ sq. ft., Office Spaces, Restaurants, Yoga Studio
Scope: Mechanical Engineering (MSJ) in collaboration with Modus Architecture

A beautiful historic building located in the heart of downtown Boise.  This building houses some of the most popular restaurants in the valley along with office tenants.  SEED identified aging and undersized mechanical equipment found to be causing thermal comfort complaints.  Core systems were redesigned with room for future expansion and capacity to serve Tenant improvements such as the Diablo and Sons restaurant. Mechanical systems for this TI included a solid-fuel hood and a unique patio radiator system partially driven off of the City of Boise’s geothermal return system.

Lewis & Clark State College, Spalding Hall  - Lewiston, ID
Details: 23,000+ sq. ft., Faculty Offices, Common/Public Areas
Scope: Commissioning (MSJ) in collaboration with State of Idaho DPW


Spalding hall is a repurposed academic building on the Lewis and Clark State College campus in Lewiston, Idaho.  The building, originally constructed in 1924, is approximately 23,665 sf with a basement and three floors.  The historic brick building has served multiple purposes for the College since it was built.  The renovation work included in this project involves adding restrooms, additional office space and common/public areas.  A dedicated outdoor air/variable refrigerant flow heat pump system was chosen by the engineer of record to accommodate tight interstitial spaces and meet energy efficiency goals. SEED was hired during the design phase and remained involved through occupancy phases.    

Olympus Office Building  - Twin Falls, ID
Details: 70,000+ sq. ft., Offices, Cafeteria, Innovation Center
Scope: Commissioning (MSJ) in collaboration with CSHQA


The new corporate HQ is a free standing three story, plus basement office building.   This new building provides a new facility for all personnel currently located in temporary trailers.  Though the majority of the building is slated for office occupancy, non-office type spaces will be provided and designed to create a more comfortable and productive working atmosphere.  This includes a fitness room, locker rooms, and showers.  Separately, a community room and cafeteria is provided for plant workers to congregate.  A kitchen will be provided to allow for testing of new product recipes and provide food for staff. A unique dedicated outdoor air/chilled beam system heat and cools the majority of the building. Heating hot and cooling chilled water is provided by the adjacent production facility. SEED was hired early in schematic design to perform dynamic design reviews and will continue commissioning services through the testing and occupancy phases.       

Idaho Humane Society  - Boise, ID
Details: 25,000+ sq. ft., Offices, Sheltering and Veterinary Facilities
Scope: Commissioning (MSJ) in collaboration with Idaho Humane Society and CSHQA


A new animal welfare and community resource center providing shelter for homeless pets and veterinary services for low-income households. The building was designed around animal comfort and providing a healthy environment for the care and housing of animals. Also included is office space for staff, meeting rooms and common public space. SEED was hired early in schematic design to perform design reviews and will continue commissioning services through the testing and occupancy phases.